Event Tech Live Replay: The Future of Exhibition Technology


Exhibition marketer Saul Leese chairs this panel, looking at current industry tech trends helping organisers generate better engagement, drive revenue and offer better exhibitor retention, and what’s likely to come next. ‘Integration’ is the buzzword.

“Utopia, for organisers, will come in the shape of no more problems with integration,” Florian Courgenouil, Marketing Director at Goomeo, tells the capacity audience at Event Tech Live 2016.

“It will be cool when the web is dead,” he says flatly. “Registering for your badge is all you need it for at the moment. Pretty much everyone [on the show floor] has a smartphone. You can network through an app, capture all your experiences at the exhibition and get in touch with other attendees. I’m sure we’ll get there.”

Tamar Beck, CEO at Gleanin, highlights the “antiquated” process of event registration. How little value visitors get from the questions they have to answer in order to qualify for their badge.

“Everything in the future will be driven by the wants of the visitors rather than the exhibitors. I’m working with two of the biggest organisers and they’re both committed to a single sign-in platform for their events,” Beck says.

“Making people register again and again, with the same questions, is absolutely pointless. Integration is key,” she agrees, “via app or otherwise.”

Pascal Lagadec, Head of Global Sales at Konduko is similarly minded: “There are lots of solutions out there, the challenge is to pick those that integrate well together to provide a great experience for event stakeholders, not just visitors, before, during and after the event,” he says.
For Lagadec, tech has to deliver a digital interface that allows visitors and exhibitors to prolong their discussion, beyond the event, and provides organisers with a platform to keep the conversation with their visitors going, encouraging them to come back next time.

Thanks to First Sight Media for this video.

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