Event Tech Live Replay: What’s broken and how do we fix it?


Chair Matt Coyne, Technology Engagement Architect at GES, flips the question on its head. In this video, direct from the main stage at ETL 2016, Coyne asks Jim Curry, owner of Exhibitor Smarts, and Roisin O’Brolchain, Event Technology Consultant for Reed & Mackay, ‘what’s broken and how do we fix it’ in terms of exhibition tech and corporate tech respectively.

Splitting the exhibition model four ways, Curry sees organisers in a good place, “unbroken”. Suppliers and exhibitors, however, need assistance. The former “broken” through the “commoditisation” of the products they’re supplying while research shows the levels of MPS (Meaning, Pleasure, Strengths) for the latter slumping to negative figures.

“It highlights how exhibitors aren’t impressed with the process they have to go through and we, as an industry, don’t make it any easier,” Curry says.

For Roisin O’Brolchain in the corporate sector, nobody wants massive change.

They like the way they work. “Sometimes, technology can seem like throwing the kitchen sink at them,” she explains. “It overwhelms them and it can end up not working for organisers or for the attendees. Again, you have to look at what the client wants, what the organiser wants and whether it works for the end user. They don’t need gimmicks.”

In short, tech suppliers have to understand what the event is, what it’s for, what the organisers’ challenges are and what role technology can play for that specific event rather than demonstrating everything it can do.

Thanks to First Sight Media for this video.

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