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Membranes by Mehler Texnologies make events into an enduring success In the market of coated fabrics, Mehler Texnologies is one of the leading international companies. More than 50 million square metres of material are manufactured and supplied under the brands VALMEX®, POLYMAR® and AIRTEX®. Membranes by Mehler Texnologies are favoured for structure, interior design and event applications.

Depending on the event, coated fabrics for indoor and outdoor applications are available, also print fabrics for stage and set design, decoration or advertising. The coated fabrics and membranes for structure, weather protection and print are antimicrobial treated, UV stabilized and flame retardant. This enables the fabrics to maintain their unique appearance for longer even under extreme climatic conditions.

The technology for the finished membranes comes from over 60 years of experience in development and production. Continuous research and development further enhances existing composite materials, and opens up new ranges of applications. To ensure the consistent high quality of our products, Mehler Texnologies continually keeps up to date with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Behind all technical textiles, are fabrics woven in company-owned weaving mills. In addition to this, a variety of precision coatings, according to the particular application, gives a wide range of high performance fabrics.

For more than 20 years architects, interior designers and event planners have put their trust in membranes by Mehler Texnologies.

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