Podcast: Adverts the size of skyscrapers? New ‘persistence of vision’ technology


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This week’s episode of the Event Industry News podcast looks at the phenomenon of ‘persistence of vision’ and how it has been seized to help create an innovation in digital outdoor media technology.

The innovation in question has been created by Lightvert, a company that has developed a way to use persistence of vision to deliver branded messages. The company’s CEO Daniel Siden joined the podcast to explain more.

“Persistence of vision is a phenomenon that affects the human eye. It happens when you look at a bright light and look away from it. You then see a ghost of that light for just a moment. We use that phenomenon to literally print an image in the human eye temporarily and safely.”

As Daniel explains during the podcast, the technology can be used to create images the size of skyscrapers that appear briefly to the viewer. Although the system has obvious applications in the world of advertising, Daniel also looks at ways that event organisers could use the technology once it becomes commercially available.


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