Podcast: Sunfall Festival delivers unique event experience in London


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This week’s episode of the Event Industry News podcast looked at the Sunfall Festival, an event set to take place in London this summer for the second time.

The festival is a unique event that combines an outdoor daytime element that is then followed by official after parties in nearby indoor venues. Andy Peyton and Noah Ball from the festival’s senior management team joined the podcast to look at the various elements of the event and how it’s put together.

During the podcast, they talk about the challenges of working in an urban park, and how they could split some of the major infrastructure elements with another event that takes place on the same site.

They also talk about the task of ticketing the event with so many daytime/night-time options available and the meticulous level of detail that they paid to the quality of the audio production.

In the next episode of the podcast, host James Dickson will talk to the creator of ANDRODES, an hour-long live show that consists of a projected 3D animated film synced to an electronic dance music soundtrack, performed live by emerging artist SARTORY.

To register for the next podcast recording scheduled for 02 May at 18:00 BST, click here.


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